Free Water Analysis

Our free in home water test does more than just point out hard or soft water. We can tell if you have to much iron or other minerals flowing through your water, we can recognize toxins and more. Impurities in your homes water can cause more problems than you can imagine. Think about all the equipment which uses water that you spent thousands on. Washer, hot water tank, shower and sink fixtures and pipes inside your home. Impurities in your water supply can cause these to malfunction faster and need replaced quicker. 

Hours of Operation for 'free water analysis'  Monday through Friday - 9:00am - 7:00pm.

Save money and gain piece of mind by scheduling a FREE in home water test from Culligan water.

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What could be harmful in my water?
  • Scale which clogs pipes
  • To much calcium and magnesium carbonates which affect pipes and heat exchangers
  • These also affect appliances like dish washers, washers, and faucets and cause pre-mature costly repairs
  • Dingy clothes and spotty dishes from the inability for soap to 'sud'