It’s the topic of conversation around company water coolers everywhere — “Culligan delivers great-tasting drinking water.”

But we do more for business than provide bottled water and filtered drinking water systems. We’re also a leading distributor of water softeners and water treatment systems for business, commercial and industrial use. Think about what can be affected in an industrial or commercial situation.

More than just the expensive equipment which is the heart of your business can be affected. Untreated water running through your machines can cause early life spans and costly (needless) repairs. When treated water flows through your building and equipment, you can expect your equipment to last longer and run more efficient, your building & plumbing to be to gather less corrosive sedatives and require less maintenance.

Contact your Culligan Dealer today regarding the right water solution for your business and read more below about our products and services.
Softeners – Culligan is the right choice for battling hard water at work. From doing laundry to manufacturing, our softening systems give you the quality water you need to take care of business. Through an ion exchange process, softeners remove harsh calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese ions from your water supply. In the end, you can run your business more effectively — using less detergent, reducing hard-water build-up and saving equipment from unnecessary wear.

Filters – Culligan offers two types of filters that improve water for a range of uses:

Mixed Media Depth Filters provide a longer filtration time which eliminates more solids from water.

Granular-Activated Filters remove chlorine and organic materials from your water with Cullar-activated carbon that stands up to common abrasions.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Clean up your water with a Culligan RO system. With reverse osmosis, water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure, removing unwanted materials.

This process eliminates 95% of dissolved minerals, particles and organics from your water, giving you pure water for anything from making beverages to printing.


Get quality water for your business. Through ion exchange, deionization gets rid of unwanted materials in your water supply.

Choose the deionization system that gives you the level of purity you need. Culligan offers strong-base, weak-base or mixed-bed systems. We’ll help you determine which is best for your business.



Take control of water problems with a dealkalizer from Culligan. Through a process much like softening, dealkalization reduces anions such as chloride, nitrate and sulfate in your water.

Besides being corrosive, these unwanted particles can make water taste bitter or salty. From car washes to restaurants, a dealkalizer could be the solution for your business.

Bottled Water

Bottled Water

Enjoy the convenience of regularly delivered Culligan bottled water. Our five-gallon containers supply long-lasting refreshment. Besides being a great thirst-quencher, Culligan water makes better tasting tea, coffee and other drinks.

With nationwide service, Culligan has a dealer near you that can make routine deliveries based on the amount of water your business needs.



When you sign up for service with Culligan, our network keeps you connected to professionals who know how to make your water more efficient. The Culligan Service Network (CSN) gives you experienced local support and quick emergency service. What’s more, our CSN dealers are specifically equipped to design quality water systems for business use.

Compare Leasing & Purchasing

The Benefits of Leasing Your System

  • No initial cash is needed on commercial equipment rental/lease programs.
  • Easier on cash flow to make affordable monthly payments.
  • Tax treatment of leases may be beneficial to your company.
  • Repair costs can be included in rental agreements, identifying total monthly costs.

The Benefits of Owning Your System

  • Culligan has been a trusted name since 1936.
  • Licensed professional sales and installation.
  • 30-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Selected models named “Consumer Digest Best Buy.”
  • Full-service water treatment company.
Sample Applications

Sample Applications

  • Deionization, Reverse Osmosis, Nano Filtration, UV, and Recirculation

  • Reverse Osmosis with Deionization

  • Reverse Osmosis system for boiler feed water