Commercial / Industrial Products

Make the most of your resources with an end-to-end solution.

The Culligan Matrix Solutions revolutionary, modular design makes it one of the fastest complete systems to market and completely customizable to your needs. This modularity optimizes capital expenditures and conserves environmental resources.

Each end-to-end solution begins with a Culligan Sales Engineer conducting an on-site water analysis to determine which innovative series of modules will meet your water and process requirements. This first interaction foreshadows the ongoing service and support available for every Culligan customer.




Pre-Treatment Solutions

Pre-treatment modules include multi-media filters, softeners, de-alkalizers and chemical treatment, which effectively prepare feed water for further utilization. This is the first step to help reduce scale, extend the life of equipment down the line, reduce maintenance costs and promote consistent production. Contact us for more



icon_membrane_lrgMembrane Solutions

Membrane solutions can help reduce turbidity, suspended solids, dissolved solids and organic substances. This step will help you increase the efficiency of your equipment and processes, resulting in substantial cost savings and reducing the need for chemical regenerants, in most cases. Contact us for more



icon_deionization_lrgDeionization Solutions

In this module, charged ion exchange resin reduces mineral ions from water. Deionization solutions include portable exchange deionization, continuous electro deionization and automatic deionization. This module extends the lifespan of equipment, contributing to long-term cost savings. Contact us for more


icon_storage_lrgStorage Solutions

Storing purified water for peak instantaneous demand can help reduce capital costs and streamlines your production process. Storage tanks are available in a variety of materials and capacities for complete customization. Contact us for more


icon_distribution_lrgDistribution Solutions

Additional production needs may at times require specific distribution needs. Furthermore, polishing of water may be necessary based on final water quality requirements. Culligan engineers will work with you to find the necessary pumps and disinfection technologies to provide you a complete solution. Contact us for more


Reclamation & Reuse Solutions

A complete solution must consider options for reducing water consumption through the reuse and repurposing of wastewater. Total plant water balance audits can help ensure your compliance with regulatory requirements and help you realize an improved ROI. Contact us to learn more about our Reclamation and Reuse Solutions…


Mobile Fleet Solutions

A mobile fleet solution can help our customers maintain optimum efficiency and minimize captial and environmental resources. Culligan mobile water treatment fleet provides comprehensive multi-level water purification (pre-treatment, reverse osmosis and deionization), monitoring and control in a single solution for peaking plants and base loaded plants in energy and power, oil and gas and chemical processing industries. Contact us to learn more about our Mobile Fleet Solutions…



Maintain the quality of your water by working with a Culligan engineer to choose the advanced parts and accessories necessary for your unique application. These additional components complete your custom-engineered Culligan Matrix Solutions system, helping you fulfill your water treatment goals. Contact us for more