Residential Services

Culligan offers the Total Home Water Solution

  • Is your drinking water safe, clear, odorless and delicious?
  • Do your dishes come out sparkling clean?
  • Is your laundry as soft as it can be?
  • Are your fixtures, shower, sink and tubs spotless?
  • Is you skin soft and your hair shiny and manageable?

Contact Culligan today to take care of all of the water needs in your home.

Contact your local Culligan DealerWhether you have a private well or city water we offer a full line of products, outstanding value and prompt, dependable service to provide excellent water quality for drinking, for cooking, for cleaning and for life.
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Bottled Water


Bottled Water – Enjoy the convenience of home-delivered Culligan water. Our five-gallon containers supply long-lasting refreshment. Culligan water is not only a great thirst-quencher, you can also use it to make better tasting tea, coffee and other drinks, too.

Culligan in home water cooler


Drinking Water Systems


Drinking Water Systems – Drinking plenty of quality water daily is important to your health and most weight loss programs. A Culligan Drinking Water System puts clean, refreshing water right in your kitchen. With a range of compact and attractive designs, our systems fit conveniently in out-of-the-way places. Healthful drinking water doesn’t have to come from a store. Order a Culligan Drinking Water System for your home today!

pic of in Culligan home filtration


Softeners & Household Filters


Softeners & Household Filters – Culligan softeners and filters not only reduce scale build-up, we’ve also designed a range of specialized filter systems that fight stains and improve the quality of your drinking water. Most importantly, a softener or household filter means better water throughout the house. Then there’s Culligan peace of mind. All of our household products come with a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Culligan Water satisfaction seal


Replacement Filters & Cartridges


Replacement Filters & Cartridges – The heart of your filtration system is the filter cartridge — the barrier between you and the contaminants that make your water smell or taste funny. Our cartridges capture the tiny, unseen particles so what you’re left with is crisp, clean water.

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Household Water - Identify the Problem


Problem With Culligan
Tinted Water Water is clean
Dry skin & dull and lifeless hair Skin & Hair feel and look great
Excessive use of lotions & hair products Spend less on personal care
Spot & soap scum on glassware, flatware & fixtures Dishes & glasses sparkle; clean-up is easy
Rotten egg odor Your water odors disappear
Heavy use of detergents, bleaches & fabric softeners Save Money on laundry products
Sediments in water damaging expensive appliances Appliances work more efficiently, last longer


Drinking Water - Identify the Problem


Problem With Culligan
Chemical or Biological Contamients Safe, Great tasting water
Cloudy, unappealing tap water Crystal clear drinking water
Ice is cloudy, tastes bad Ice is clearer and refreshing
Chlorine or musty odor Drink more water because it tastes great

Drinking water is refreshing and healthful for every body. And the quality of the water you drink is equally important.

Culligan offers a variety of drinking water systems for every kitchen or you can arrange to have bottled water delivery right to your door.


Renting or Owning


Whether you rent or purchase your Culligan Water Softener or Culligan Drinking Water System, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits…

Rental Benefits

  • Low introductory offer* and affordable monthly rate, so it’s easy to get started.
  • Choose from a variety of equipment to fit virtually any space and application.
  • No maintenance or repair costs. Any and all service and repairs are included in the low monthly fee.
  • No long-term contract required. Rent on a month-to-month agreement rather than a long-term contract.
  • Option to purchase with equity in equipment lets you try before you buy — especially in unique “well water applications.” (Ask your dealer for details.)
  • Opportunity to upgrade to innovative new products or services as they come along.
  • Turnkey set-up and installation — delivered in just three working days.
  • 24-hour emergency service on all products.
  • Salt delivery available for a low monthly fee (includes 10pt. maintenance check and water analysis).
  • 30-Day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

* Check with your Culligan Dealer for the most current offer

Purchase Benefits

  • Culligan has been a trusted name since 1936.
  • Full-Service Water Treatment Company.
  • Selected models are “Consumer Digest Best Buy.”
  • Licensed professional sales and installation.
  • Outstanding product performance and durability.
  • Adds equity, added value to the home.
  • Carries the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.
  • Can be moved, if desired, to a future home and re-installed by Culligan.
  • May add salt delivery option.
  • 30-Day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.